Feb 14

Tanith Lee on love

My favorite author is named Tanith Lee. I’ve previously posted a favorite Lee quotation, Disturbed By Her Song. That’s a beautiful one, though it seems sad to me. Here are two more bits from Lee’s writing about love.

From The Silver Metal Lover:

A rose by any other name
Would get the blame
For being what it is —
The color of a kiss,
The shadow of a flame.

A rose may earn another name,
So call it love;
So call it love I will.
And love is like the sea,
Which changes constantly,
And yet is still
The same.

From Delirium’s Mistress:

“Love is everywhere,” said Chuz gently, stroking her hair, “and the death of love. And time, which is built of the histories of death and love. Death and time I had always conceded, and acknowledged. And now I see plainly what love is. Not in you, pretty, mortal child. But in my arms that comfort you for wounding me, in my hands which soothe you for it, in my words which say to you, in despite of me, Do whatever you must. This lesson I will not remember. Nor shall I ever forget.”

(Delirium’s Mistress is part of the Flat Earth series, which is one of the best fantasy series ever written. It’s incredible and I strongly recommend it to anyone, even if they think they don’t like fantasy. The first book in the series is called Night’s Master.)