Feb 14

I Live In Your Eyes

This is part of a poem by Farouk Goweedah. It was originally written in Arabic and translated by someone named Fisal, whose last name I regrettably do not know, and who posted his translation of Goweedah’s poem here, under the title “I Live In Your Eyes.” (I slightly modified a few lines.)

​Your love is my faith,
my forgiveness and my disobedience.
I met you with hope
remaining in my arms
like spring without a bird.
On the ruins of a garden,
the winds of sadness squeeze me
and laugh in my chest.
I love you like an oasis
on which all my sorrows have calmed.
I love you like an aura
that sings my songs to people’s silence.
I love you like an ecstasy that runs and fires my volcano.
I love you, meeting me like morning light.
Love has killed many lovers,
and your love has given life to me.
And if I were to choose a home,
I would say:
My home is your love.
And if I were to forget you,
my heart would forget me.
And if I lost my way,
I would live in your eyes.